Remote Work: 3 Tech Tips for SeniorsĀ 

With so many technological advancements in the workspace, there’s not much reason why you can’t work remotely. Yes, even as a senior. 

Whether you’re looking to pay for top-notch senior living arrangements for yourself or just hoping to shower your grandchildren with gifts, here are some tech tips to get you started with remote work. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Implementing MFA is like putting an extra lock on your virtual door. It means throwing in an extra step, often a quick code from your phone, making it harder for any unwelcome digital guests, which is a big deal, especially when you’re working remotely. Typically, you can simply head over to work apps and enable security measures like 2-factor authentication. 

Picture yourself in a cozy coffee shop trying to check your work email. You type in your password, and just when you think you’re in, a notification on your phone pops up, asking for your approval. It’s that extra layer of digital approval that really keeps your work fortress intact.

Video Conferencing Etiquette

Mastering video conferencing tools means being a pro in any digital meeting room so that there’s smoother communication and more professionalism – which is a really big deal when you’re connecting with a remote team.

You want to take a moment to explore your video conferencing tool settings. Really get into YouTube tutorials, TikTok how-tos, blog posts – anything to get the hang of features like virtual backgrounds, mute/unmute shortcuts, and screen-sharing controls. It might seem a bit much at first, but it’s these small things that really make your virtual meetings click.

Imagine you’re in a virtual team meeting, and when it’s your turn to listen, you hit mute to keep background noise at bay, or seamlessly share your screen to showcase the latest project updates. It’s these little moves that really make you a respected virtual team member. 

Customize Your Digital Workspace

Tailoring your digital workspace is like making your desk at home cozy. It often means less eye strain and more focus, which is really what you need to amp up your productivity, especially during those long work hours.

You want to look at your operating system and app settings. Adjust font sizes and play with color schemes – it’s often the small tweaks that make a really big difference. For example, in your writing apps, boosting the font size can make reading those lines of text a breeze.

In fact, imagine a late-night writing session as a blogger. You’re staring at your screen, and instead of squinting, you casually adjust your font size. Then even switch to a dark color scheme to reduce glare, creating a personalized workspace that amps up your comfort and coding game.

Flourishing in a remote job is certainly not impossible for the elderly. On the contrary, try out these tech tips for remote work!