Why use Low-code development?

Low-code development is a great way to create an application without the use of extensive coding languages. It’s making developing a whole lot easier and has a lot of other benefits. The amount of companies using low-code platforms increases every day. Are you thinking of switching from traditional development to low code no code? This is why you should use low-code development.

What is low-code development?
First of all, let us explain you what low-code development is. When using a low-code platform to develop an application you’ll no longer have to use codes, or at least not as much as with traditional development. A low-code platform comes with a simple user interface and pre-built components which you simply drag and drop. Every component has different features and you can change the design according to your wishes. As you don’t have to learn how to code it’s a lot easier than traditional development. This makes low-code development understandable for everyone and makes producing applications faster.

Why companies use a low-code platform
Low-code development is great for companies or individuals that need to be able to make quick changes in applications. It won’t cost much time to make an adjustment and if you don’t like the change you can easily roll it back.

When using a low-code platform you don’t depend on IT professionals. You are the one in charge and can make changes right away. For traditional development hardcore coding knowledge is a must. Unfortunately, especially in bigger companies, IT staff often has a big list of priorities and projects. A small change in an application or experiments end up at the bottom of this list. You might have to wait days or even weeks before they have time to try that innovative idea you came up with. When using a low-code platform you’ll no longer have the wait and can do it the same day.   

Low-code saves money
Not only is traditional development time-consuming, but it is also extremely costly. By not needing IT professionals for every small change you’ll save a lot of money which you can invest elsewhere. Of course, you’ll need to pay for a low-code platform, but as you only pay for access to a service and not for the development itself it’s really affordable. Low-code platforms often offer a free trial so you can see for yourself if low-code development is the new future for your company.