Ice Cold Marketing: Modern Sellers and Data-Driven Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement: 5 Really Good Reasons to Modernize

It is no longer enough to just provide sales teams with product details and demonstrations. In today’s world, modern sellers need access to analytics and data that can help them determine, establish, and close deals. Businesses need to arm their target market with information-driven sales enablement. Professionals can hit their targets, as well as close more deals with the correct tools.

What is information-driven sales enablement?

Deal enablement is a strategic process of aligning transaction operations with the organization’s got-to-market plan of action. The goal is to provide professionals with the necessary resources to achieve their monthly quotas successfully. Information-driven enablement takes this a step further by using the information to notify every decision made when it comes to enabling these professionals. 

This information will guide companies which leads to focus on, what content to give, or how to structure a good incentive program. Enablement will be very effective by using correct and precise details to identify areas of improvement and trends. Now, what are the things companies need to work on smarter and not harder?

Sales Intelligence

Sales intel or SI combines external and internal information that provides insight into customers and prospects. These details contain everything from account history of contact information to social media ventures. By harnessing this thing, companies can nurture existing client relationships, close more deals, and identify new opportunities. 

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Sales intel tools usually collect information from various sources like marketing automation platforms, public records, social media networks, and Customer Relationship Management systems. These details are then organized, presented, and shown in easy-to-use platforms like a report or a dashboard. SI tools also include lead scoring, as well as real-time alerts, which can help firms prioritize their efforts and stay on top of the latest developments. 

DDMA or Data-Driven Marketing Automation

This thing is a technology that allows businesses to collect and use the information to automate marketing jobs. Automation can help teams by automatically generating leads, looking after these leads with personalized materials, and scoring them depending on engagement levels. Companies can save a lot of resources and time by using DDMA while delivering relevant and highly personalized messages to their target market.

Sales content management

SCM is a system that can help organizations manage their materials, so it is convenient to find and use the correct content at the right time. Content management systems often include version control, workflow, and digital rights. These systems help organizations keep their materials organized and up-to-date, quickly detecting and using the most applicable content for every occasion.

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Process automation

This system is the use of technology to automate various repetitive tasks. It can help organizations automate admin tasks like creating proposals and quotes, so they can spend more time selling their products or services. SPA platforms include drag-and-drop interfaces that make creating workflows for everyday tasks easier. An event can help trigger workflows like a consumer reaching a stage in the purchasing cycle.

CRM integration

CRM or Customer Relationship Management integration integrates consumer data across all touchpoints and departments in the organization. With Customer Relationship Management, businesses get an overall view of their consumers, needed for providing personalized experiences, as well as building a long-lasting relationship with consumers. 

Integration can be tricky as it needs information from various sources to be gathered, purified, and normalized. But the benefits of integration are pretty clear: it provides businesses a good look at their consumers. It can lead to better decision-making, as well as  result in more sales.

Account and territory planning

Account and territory planning is a process that organizations like Ice Cold Marketing use to manage consumer relationships and partition sales territories. They aim to optimize every team member’s performance by ensuring they are working with the right customers efficiently and effectively. 

In most instances, companies will create maps that teams can use to visualize their territory. It also helps to know where their boundaries are, as well as plan their time properly and accordingly. They also design strategies for how to approach every account, considering consumer needs, marketing collateral usage, competitors, and sales cycle length.


Coaching provides support and guidance to professionals to help them improve their production. It can take different forms but usually include goal setting, skills development, and regular check-ins. It aims to help managers and representatives to improve their production by providing them with efficient and practical guidance and techniques.