Remote Work: 3 Tech Tips for Seniors 

With so many technological advancements in the workspace, there’s not much reason why you can’t work remotely. Yes, even as a senior. 

Whether you’re looking to pay for top-notch senior living arrangements for yourself or just hoping to shower your grandchildren with gifts, here are some tech tips to get you started with remote work. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Implementing MFA is like putting an extra lock on your virtual door. It means throwing in an extra step, often a quick code from your phone, making it harder for any unwelcome digital guests, which is a big deal, especially when you’re working remotely. Typically, you can simply head over to work apps and enable security measures like 2-factor authentication. 

Picture yourself in a cozy coffee shop trying to check your work email. You type in your password, and just when you think you’re in, a notification on your phone pops up, asking for your approval. It’s that extra layer of digital approval that really keeps your work fortress intact.

Video Conferencing Etiquette

Mastering video conferencing tools means being a pro in any digital meeting room so that there’s smoother communication and more professionalism – which is a really big deal when you’re connecting with a remote team.

You want to take a moment to explore your video conferencing tool settings. Really get into YouTube tutorials, TikTok how-tos, blog posts – anything to get the hang of features like virtual backgrounds, mute/unmute shortcuts, and screen-sharing controls. It might seem a bit much at first, but it’s these small things that really make your virtual meetings click.

Imagine you’re in a virtual team meeting, and when it’s your turn to listen, you hit mute to keep background noise at bay, or seamlessly share your screen to showcase the latest project updates. It’s these little moves that really make you a respected virtual team member. 

Customize Your Digital Workspace

Tailoring your digital workspace is like making your desk at home cozy. It often means less eye strain and more focus, which is really what you need to amp up your productivity, especially during those long work hours.

You want to look at your operating system and app settings. Adjust font sizes and play with color schemes – it’s often the small tweaks that make a really big difference. For example, in your writing apps, boosting the font size can make reading those lines of text a breeze.

In fact, imagine a late-night writing session as a blogger. You’re staring at your screen, and instead of squinting, you casually adjust your font size. Then even switch to a dark color scheme to reduce glare, creating a personalized workspace that amps up your comfort and coding game.

Flourishing in a remote job is certainly not impossible for the elderly. On the contrary, try out these tech tips for remote work! 

The Best Mid-Range Smartphones on the Market

Smartphones have gotten to the point where even a midrange phone will offer so many wonderful features that you don’t need to go above and beyond when purchasing a device. Companies like Apple, Huawei, and Samsung all ensure that their midrange and even there lower range phones have all of the important core features necessary to offer a great user experience. 

On top of that, there are many new competitors entering the market looking to challenge these top companies by releasing powerful and unique phones for a midrange price. 

These are some of the best midrange phones on the market today.

iPhone SE 2022

Whenever people think of an Apple device, or in particular an iPhone, we immediately think that it is top-of-the-range and pricy. For the most part, you would be right in thinking that, as most Apple products are a bit more expensive than their competitors on the market. 

However, Apple tried something different with the iPhone SE range by creating a midrange, cheaper version of their normal smartphone devices, to increase sales in lower-income customer bases. The iPhone SE qualifies for each IOS update; however, the 4.7-inch screen is a lot smaller than the newer Apple smartphones, making it feel a bit cramped. However, for the price point, this is a fantastic middle-of-the-road smartphone. 

Google Pixel 6A

Google phones have not had the same success or popularity as their competitors Samsung and Apple, but that can simply be put down to the fact that Google is relatively new to the smartphone game. As such, many of their devices are priced at midrange, and what many people don’t understand is that you really get fantastic bang for your buck when purchasing a Google smartphone, in particular the 2022 Pixel 6A. 

The biggest asset that this phone has is the all-new Google Tensor chipset which enables a fantastic level of performance as well as longevity. Experts predict that the Pixel 6A will have a lifespan of around 6 years, which is unheard of when it comes to the smartphone industry, as many devices from Apple and Samsung typically last around 2-4 years. 

Samsung Galaxy A53

Samsung has always been a company that produces quality devices for mid to top-range prices – and the A53 is undoubtedly one of the best midrange smartphones on the market in 2022. With a 6.5-inch LCD screen that’s perfect for playing games at ZAR Casino and a refresh rate of 120hz, the pure aesthetics of the device rivals some of the best top-range phones in the industry. 

On top of that, the performance specs of this device are fantastic and trump many of the other devices in its price range – simply because Samsung wanted to create a high-performance phone for lower-income families to boost sales and increase company trust and customer loyalty. Some of the best features of the A53 are the 64-megapixel camera as well as the long-life battery that lasts for around 24 hours. 

A Guide to VPN Integration and Use for Beginners

A Virtual private network (VPN) is essential for internet users. It enables you to access blocked sites, and you can stream online content from regions that are restricted. Apart from unlimited internet access, the tool can help you shop remotely and offers you data security while at it.

Currently, governments prohibit their citizens from particular sites, and the agencies are snooping into your online activities. Since the Chinese government restricts people from accessing foreign digital media, you may wonder, is VPN legal in China. Despite the restrictions, using a private virtual network in the country is not illegal. Therefore, we will help you get started with the tools and get maximum benefits from them. Read on to gain more insights.

Understand VPN

Browsing the internet entails sharing data across different servers through your network. It includes the instructions on what you want to access over the internet, and you get the information you require. Your internet service provider can access the information, and so is another party when using public Wi-Fi. However, a VPN can camouflage the data and make it inaccessible to the parties.

It limits the services providers from seeing the information as the tool encrypts the data you send. In turn, the data moves via a server hosting the VPN and gives you safe and unlimited access to the internet. When receiving data from the internet, the information passes through the same channel to your computer. The data that the ISP can see is unreadable and unusable. However, it may take more time to browse the internet via the tool than it would if you do not use it. Still, the VPN benefits are numerous, and you should integrate them into your computer and mobile devices.

Setting Up

It is simple to use a virtual private network. The layout is simple to understand, and the features are easily accessible from the interface. Some are free to use, while others require subscription fees to get unlimited access to the tool. Still, you will need an e-mail address to sign up, and there are several ways to pay for the subscription fees. 

Since numerous VPNs are available, it is critical to research the different options to learn about them. You can read online reviews to learn more about the VPN you want to use. Visit the company’s website to select a suitable plan and download the tool via the platform. Install the application and sign in after opening. You can change the settings depending on your preferences. It includes selecting the place your device will connect from.  Conduct online tests to see if the tool functions properly. The VPN will ensure you are safe when browsing the internet and accessing restricted sites in your region.


Regardless of the operating system or device you are using, a VPN can work on them. However, you will need to select the tool depending on your specifications since not all versions suit every system. But, if your digital device cannot support it, you can integrate the tool with your router. It will offer the same functions. 

Create your own software or application

It used to be necessary to know coding in order to create your own app or software, but not anymore! With low-code/no-code platforms you can now design your own creating with no sufficient coding knowledge. Obviously this development has a lot of advantages for your company, read them below!

First of all: you don’t have to know code
As mentioned above there is no need to know any coding if you use the low-code/no-code application. You can easily become a citizen developer who develops his own software or application. You are in charge of the process and all the functions added. With your lack of coding and development skills you will also come to new additions that the professionals wouldn’t have come up with. Out of the box thinking effected in real life!

As quick as it can be
In no-time you will have built your own software, not just because it is a user friendly tool, but also since you don’t have to give orders to someone else. No back and forth with developers, no additions you didn’t ask for. No-code platforms can make the process around eight times quicker! There is no time wasted with debugging and consulting for instance. 

You are in charge!
You are the one who pushes all the buttons and you can decide what happens. You know exactly what you want in your software or application, so you know what is specifically needed. And the best of all, there is no uncertainty if the developer understood what you meant. It can still be useful to get some help. A company that could assist you with that is Fizor. They offer a low-code/no-code platform you can use for the development of your application or software. 

Get in touch with fizor.
Do you find yourself interested in using the no-code platforms that fizor. has to offer? You can easily get in contact with fizor. through their website or by contacting their customer service. The specialists at fizor. are happy to help you with all the questions you might have when it comes to their no-code platforms. You can also get in touch with them for low-code platforms. They are similar to the no-code platforms, but require a bit of programming and coding knowledge. Be sure to check out the low-code/no-code offer they have on their website.