Ice Cold Marketing: Modern Sellers and Data-Driven Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement: 5 Really Good Reasons to Modernize

It is no longer enough to just provide sales teams with product details and demonstrations. In today’s world, modern sellers need access to analytics and data that can help them determine, establish, and close deals. Businesses need to arm their target market with information-driven sales enablement. Professionals can hit their targets, as well as close more deals with the correct tools.

What is information-driven sales enablement?

Deal enablement is a strategic process of aligning transaction operations with the organization’s got-to-market plan of action. The goal is to provide professionals with the necessary resources to achieve their monthly quotas successfully. Information-driven enablement takes this a step further by using the information to notify every decision made when it comes to enabling these professionals. 

This information will guide companies which leads to focus on, what content to give, or how to structure a good incentive program. Enablement will be very effective by using correct and precise details to identify areas of improvement and trends. Now, what are the things companies need to work on smarter and not harder?

Sales Intelligence

Sales intel or SI combines external and internal information that provides insight into customers and prospects. These details contain everything from account history of contact information to social media ventures. By harnessing this thing, companies can nurture existing client relationships, close more deals, and identify new opportunities. 

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Sales intel tools usually collect information from various sources like marketing automation platforms, public records, social media networks, and Customer Relationship Management systems. These details are then organized, presented, and shown in easy-to-use platforms like a report or a dashboard. SI tools also include lead scoring, as well as real-time alerts, which can help firms prioritize their efforts and stay on top of the latest developments. 

DDMA or Data-Driven Marketing Automation

This thing is a technology that allows businesses to collect and use the information to automate marketing jobs. Automation can help teams by automatically generating leads, looking after these leads with personalized materials, and scoring them depending on engagement levels. Companies can save a lot of resources and time by using DDMA while delivering relevant and highly personalized messages to their target market.

Sales content management

SCM is a system that can help organizations manage their materials, so it is convenient to find and use the correct content at the right time. Content management systems often include version control, workflow, and digital rights. These systems help organizations keep their materials organized and up-to-date, quickly detecting and using the most applicable content for every occasion.

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Process automation

This system is the use of technology to automate various repetitive tasks. It can help organizations automate admin tasks like creating proposals and quotes, so they can spend more time selling their products or services. SPA platforms include drag-and-drop interfaces that make creating workflows for everyday tasks easier. An event can help trigger workflows like a consumer reaching a stage in the purchasing cycle.

CRM integration

CRM or Customer Relationship Management integration integrates consumer data across all touchpoints and departments in the organization. With Customer Relationship Management, businesses get an overall view of their consumers, needed for providing personalized experiences, as well as building a long-lasting relationship with consumers. 

Integration can be tricky as it needs information from various sources to be gathered, purified, and normalized. But the benefits of integration are pretty clear: it provides businesses a good look at their consumers. It can lead to better decision-making, as well as  result in more sales.

Account and territory planning

Account and territory planning is a process that organizations like Ice Cold Marketing use to manage consumer relationships and partition sales territories. They aim to optimize every team member’s performance by ensuring they are working with the right customers efficiently and effectively. 

In most instances, companies will create maps that teams can use to visualize their territory. It also helps to know where their boundaries are, as well as plan their time properly and accordingly. They also design strategies for how to approach every account, considering consumer needs, marketing collateral usage, competitors, and sales cycle length.


Coaching provides support and guidance to professionals to help them improve their production. It can take different forms but usually include goal setting, skills development, and regular check-ins. It aims to help managers and representatives to improve their production by providing them with efficient and practical guidance and techniques.

Search Engine Optimization for Contractors

Internet is the first place people will look for information and when they need a contractor they will most likely click on the first three links on Google. Most of us don’t like to waste time so we hire a company that is well known even if maybe there are better companies but they just are not among top-ranked websites. SEO helps you with getting ranked better which can boost your business a lot.

If the term you are going for is searched a lot, then you can expect to make more sales and get more organic traffic. Nowadays, search engine optimization is getting harder to manage because algorithms are more complex but experts always find a way to beat their competition. Trends change really fast so you need to be updated in order to stay on the top. You should also be careful who you hire to do it for you because they can access important information depending on the site.

How to Hire an SEO Company?

A decade ago, it was much easier to optimize your page when we didn’t have artificial intelligence and powerful software that now collects a lot of data and uses that information to optimize or rank websites. You will need to have excellent knowledge if you want to be on the top so most people decide to hire an agency to help them out.

There are a few factors you should look at when searching for an SEO company. The first thing is to check their rankings because you will know if they are good at their job. This isn’t a determining factor because some startups may be much better but they need time to get among the best. Another important thing is to check reviews from past customers or websites that review these companies. This way you will know how expensive they are and what you will get for the money you spend on them.

The third factor is to check if they have experience in your area like contractors. If they have proven results, you will have some kind of guaranty that it is possible to make a big step. Every project is different but still, it is in your industry and it worked for someone else. You should also ask your friends if they had experience with these companies.

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Voice Search and Chatbots

Something that will be used more in the future and on what programmers are working on is artificial intelligence implemented in voice search and chatbots. Some of the devices like Alexa that works on voice command is using Google search to find answer meaning that there is a separate algorithm used. It is estimated that by 2024 around 70% of people will use voice search over typing.

When it comes to chatbots, they have been here for a long time but as technology advances, they are becoming more human so people have positive thoughts about it. There is still work to be done but you probably noticed that many websites have their own bot that interacts with visitors which can be of huge help when it comes to customer service.

High-quality Content

The most important thing more than ever is quality content. Google and other search engines now look at every detail when someone visits your page. They calculate how long someone stays at a certain page and where exactly, how many clicks they made and every type of interaction they have. This means that you need to find a way to make them stay longer. This can only be done with content that is well-researched and put together.

Try to use tables where they can see everything that is in the article just sorted out and presented with a beautiful design. This can take time and some people hire designers for the pictures they implement and writers for the posts but it can improve your online presence a lot. You will never know if you post will go viral and be seen by millions. The content should be connected meaning that they could switch to another article and have the same experience. This may include internal links to keep them on the website.

Related Videos

Even if you write everything about a certain topic on your blog, a lot of people are just lazy and they don’t like reading so the best option is to make a video on it. It would be best if you can implement a short video as part of the content as a shortened version of what the topic is about. These videos can be shared and place on other platforms which is great for ranking.

Something similar is GIFs which are moving images that are 6 seconds long. If they are properly made, it can give a unique look to the page. For example, a six-second image can show the customer how a product works as Apple did for their watches. Contractors usually make a short video about their company.

Artificial Intelligence for Contractors

Satisfied customers are the best way to get good rankings because they will return if they need something and they will spread the word about how good of the job you did. That’s why implementing bots on your page is very important but you need to make sure that it is well-programmed so you won’t have issues like not providing a valid answer. The essential things include smart bots, quality-content, page speed and safe website.

Messenger Bots the Smart Way in Business

What can you do with this technology? How can it help your company or your business in general? These are just some of the questions that you need to answer when dealing with chatbots. So, let us get right through it.

What are chatbots?

This technology is a service that is powered by rules, regulations and Artificial Intelligence that you link by using a chat application or software. It is an app that can automatically interact with customers when they message your page. 

Bots will automatically answer all the inquiries, send push notifications, tell stories or sell your products. They are not only suitable for customer care support, but it is also very exceptional when it comes to customer engagement and product or brand marketing. 

If you are asking why it is very important to focus on Facebook Messenger, it is because it is considered more substantial than Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat combined. As a business owner, you cannot afford to ignore these facts. Let us take a closer look at real-life applications of Artificial Intelligence bot in your company or business.

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Educating the clients or customers

This technology makes setting up an engaging and interactive knowledge base fast and straightforward. A great example of this knowledge base within the bot system is ABBI, a bot system that helps people look for the right medical marijuana dosage. 

Using conversations, tangents and topics, it is a lot easier to provide in-depth knowledge of your customers and clients in a conversational manner. The possibilities of this technology are close to limitless. We cannot wait to know and see more of this knowledge-bases delivery in the near future.

It designs an elaborate guided experience

Some of these bots are designed to help or guide their clients to have a better Artificial Intelligence bot experience. When you use them, you offer the best experience possible. This technology will give businesses the advantage that they need to get ahead of their competition.

Share advice to keep the clients engaged

If you are following artists like Rick Ross on social media, you know that he is all about becoming rich and staying that way forever. He also has some of the most loyal and engaged fan bases in the music industry today. How did Rick Ross build this astounding connection with his fan base? 

By sharing advises on things choosing the right people to surround yourself with, achieve their personal best or find a good mentor. In Rick Ross’ Artificial Intelligence bot, the daily advises is being delivered in the form of written conversations with his personal spin. 

What we have learned with observing artists like Lindsay Lohan, Maroon 5 or Rick Ross is that the bot’s tone and voice need to match the standard that is already established by their brand. If they do not match, the technology will fail. 

People, especially die-hard fans, will flock artists because they always keep it real and they sounded like they are actually typing on the other end. Experts suggest that businesses have to spend a lot of time digging into the artist’s style, voice and tone in order to keep the communication with the customers consistent.

Teach launch

Use your AI bot to help you prime your clients for your upcoming launch. For example, artists like Jason Derulo released his exclusive BTS or behind-the-scene photos and videos to build his AI bot following and direct a lot of views to his recently released music video. You can do the same for your company’s clients or customers. You can give them a heads up about the content you want to release leading up to your business launch day.

Gather important emails

You can use the technology to help you gather relevant email leads for your email list or CRM. Some businesses gather emails in and interactive and fun way by asking their customers to share something interesting about the company. In the same way, you can use this technology to gather additional email addresses by offering exciting and valuable experiences where they feel safe to share new information.

Drive or direct traffic to a specific content

This year Maroon 5 is using the technology to increase or boost the launch of their new album. The result is awe-inspiring, with at least 50% of the bot followers are clicking the link and sharing conversations; that is why you need to take a closer look at this type of marketing strategy. 

To test this method, write a conversation that is focused on the content you want your customers to look or visit, like videos, podcasts etc. Give them a good reason to visit the conversation. Share the conversation’s link on your social media pages, your email list, or you can send them as an update to your customers.

Connect your company’s digital with the physical

F8, Facebook’s biggest yearly event, yielded a lot of exciting announcements that include the launching of Parametric Messenger codes, unique codes that are generated by Messenger app to guide conversations that are shared on the software or application. 

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Its feature will enable Artificial Intelligence creators to pair with a parametric code with every published communication of their company. When the customers scan the code, they will be taken straight to the conversation. The feature will connect the physical experience with your business’ digital experience. 

Imagine that you are walking in the street and you see a billboard belonging to your favorite singer or band. If they are using the code, you can simply scan the code printed on the poster and go straight to the conversation that will tell you when they are visiting your area or when they are releasing a new song or album. 

You can put a Messenger code in your store so that your customers can scan them for a chance to get a discount. The advantage of this is that you can get the clients on your distribution list. It will be a lot easier compared to a traditional bowl full of people’s business cards.